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Grief Counseling

There comes a time in everyone's life that we must say goodbye to a loved one because they have passed away. There are no words that can adequately describe the over wheeling emotions that encompass us.


Grieving is so deeply personal and at times we need assistance. When a loved one passes away, whether they die suddenly or their passing is due to an illness, nothing can prepare us for the days to come without them physically in our lives. 

It is my practice to never take for granted that you are entrusting me to share your feelings and the precious memories of your loved one. 


Like any type of life altering event, grieving is a process and it is a process that should be handled with care and compassion. During this time it is normal for some to question their own belief systems of love, life, God and spirituality. 


For additional information please contact me at 610-881-4545. We are offering virtual grief counseling sessions.

Grief Therapy Wind Gap PA


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