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Woman Suffering From Anxiety


Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety is the body's natural response and reaction to any stressful or unfamiliar situation. Some symptoms of anxiety can include excessive worry, fatigue, racing heart, sweaty palms, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, hot flashes, and more. Occasional anxiety is a part of life that people experience throughout different situations that arise. If you have an upcoming job interview, an important meeting at work, a college test, or an important decision to make, you may be anxious or nervous.


While some anxiety is a part of everyday life, there is a point when those worries can become disruptive to job performance, relationships, and school work. When those symptoms of anxiety do not go away and become worse over time, that can be indicative of an anxiety disorder. If you are finding that you are struggling with fear in certain social situations, overwhelming stress, and obsessive worry, our therapists can work with you to help minimize your symptoms.

Anxiety Treatment Session for a Young Woman from Our Community


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